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Congratulations on your new tattoo!

As with most things in life, every tattoo is different.

Each specific piece of artwork, body placement,

and most importantly your tattoo artist,

will have different instructions for you!

So please follow closely to your specific instructions

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The First Day

Yay! You have just received a brand new art collection 

that you will forever cherish on your skin. 

Great news is: I also offer coverups. *Insert awkward laugh*

Please see your aftercare sheet for instructions on your specific bandage. (I use multiple, so instructions change)

Feel free to ice your tattoo, unless instructed otherwise, to help with the burning, swelling and inflammation. 

Most importantly, please disregard advice on the care of your tattoo from friends and family. We love them, but they are definitely not experts in our field. 

Healing Process

Please do not touch your tattoo with dirty fingers, and do not let others touch your fresh tattoo at all. Your tattoo is an open wound and should be treated as such. 

NEVER use healing ointments or lotions on your healing tattoo. Period.

What?!?! Yes. I said it. You may have been instructed to do so in the past, however, I am here today to let you know that this is almost always a bad idea. Your body is going to heal whether you like it or not, and most of these creams and lotions contain all sorts of chemicals that you wouldn't put on an open cut. I am certain that you aren't running for the lotion when you cut your leg open. Same goes for a tattoo. 

The best type of healing in my experience is as dry as the desert in most cases. Excess moisture can cause large scabs, which often get caught on clothing, crack open, or rip the skin around the edges. Please keep in mind there is a time and place for everything, and one type of skin care solution isn't always best for everyone, so again, please follow your specific instructions. 

Special Attention

Your tattoo will be going through different stages of the healing process. The first day is the best your piece will ever look, and that is inevitable. There will be a new layer of skin tissue growing over your design over the next few days to weeks, and so your tattoo will look slightly faded. 

Your tattoo will also be slightly raised when fresh, and this should go down over time.

When showering, please keep your tattoo in a minimum amount of water. Remember, excess moisture causes large scabs. Avoid scrubbing your tattoo with your loofah or bar of soap, as those items can harbor bacteria and dead skin cells and contribute to infection.

Please make sure to wear appropriate loose fitting clothing during the healing process. 

Be aware that your tattoo will ooze plasma, blood and ink over the next day or two, so you will want to be mindful of that with your clothing and bedding.

When your tattoo is done flaking all of the scabs, and it looks like skin, you may moisturize as normal. 

If you have concerns about the healing process, feel free to message on Facebook or Instagram. 

ENJOY your new artwork!

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