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Girl with a Shoulder Tattoo

Pre-Booking Info

Hey! Thanks for your interest in Booking an appointment

There are a few important things to know before you commit, so please read below for key notes


  • Must be 18+ to book an appointment

  • Government issued Photo I.D. is required for all appointments.

  • ONLY book for yourself. If you are interested in a group booking of 3 or more, please contact Jenna through instagram or facebook. For groups of 2, appointments can be booked back to back and referenced in the appointment request.

  • Gift cards are available! They can be purchased for any amount and are re-loadable.

  • Hourly rate is $175 plus GST and is subject to change.

  • Tattoos over 4 hours will have a 1 hour lunch break, so please plan your day accordingly. Also, please factor in time for paperwork, prepping, stenciling, bandaging, aftercare instructions as well as payment. The clock starts running at the time of your scheduled appointment, NOT at the start of tattooing. If you are running late, you will be charged according to your scheduled appointment time.

  • Price quote is only an estimate and is subject to change. 

  • All drawing fees and deposits are non-refundable and non-transferrable.

  • Drawing fee and deposit will be required immediately when booking a tattoo session.

  • Tattoo appointments cannot be transferred to anyone else. If you cannot make your appointment, you need to give a MINIMUM 48 hours notice, to reschedule. If you fail to give 48 hours notice, or fail to show up to your appointment, you will be charged 50% of your quoted session. You may re-book once your balance has been paid, and a new deposit has been left. Legal action WILL be taken against those that refuse to pay for their session, or missed session.

  • During the summer months, please be careful not to allow a sunburn on the area to be tattooed. If you come to your appointment burnt, you will have to chose a new placement for your design, or you will need to reschedule at your own cost. You are responsible to pay 50% of the quoted price for any session you miss or have to forfeit. 

  • Touch ups are $50 within the first year after your tattoo session for that piece only. After 1 year, touch ups will be done at hourly rate. NO exceptions. If you have purposely damaged your tattoo then your touch up will be hourly rate. Touch ups are only for tattoos done by Jenna.

  • There is a 2 strike policy. If you have missed or rescheduled 2 appointments for the same tattoo, you will not be able to re-book. (This excludes a reschedule due to emergency, or weather) 

  • Tattoos are permanent!  And YES, tattoos hurt. Some more than others.  Never let temporary pain be the deciding factor in permanent placement. Put your tattoo where you would like it! Also, feel free to ask about numbing options. (I do not recommend numbing for first tattoos)

  • Lastly, You're awesome. I could never do what I'm passionate about without you! THANK YOU!


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