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How to prepare

Interested in getting your first tattoo? 

Maybe it's been a while since your last tattoo, and you would like a refresher? Well, here are some key points to know when preparing for your next tattoo! Read below for great tips and info.

Model in Shower
Woman in Wooden Bath

Preparing for your tattoo

Please make sure to shower/bathe prior to your tattoo. Proper hygiene is important for tattooing! In the 2 weeks prior to your tattoo, it is recommended to exfoliate and moisturize the area to be tattooed.


During the summer months, please be careful not to allow a sunburn on the area to be tattooed. If you come to your appointment burnt, you will have to chose a new placement for your design, or you will need to reschedule at your own cost. You are responsible to pay 75% of the quoted price for any session you miss or have to forfeit. 


Make sure to eat something nutritious before your tattoo. Having an empty stomach mixed with anxiety and pain, is a recipe for passing out. If you do not have a medical condition that would prevent you from consuming sugar, please bring something sugary to snack on. Having something sugary about 10-15 minutes before your tattoo begins, will boost your adrenaline; which in turn boosts your pain tolerance. This also helps prevent a fast blood sugar drop.


The artist will confirm the tattoo with you and make sure it is exactly how you would like it. Please notify the artist if there are any adjustments needed; but be aware that a new appointment may be necessary.


Please be aware that ink, plasma, or blood may transfer onto articles of clothing, so be sure to wear something appropriate. Numbing cream is available at an additional cost, but you must speak with your artist for further instruction.


Prior to being tattooed, the artist will prep your skin using a gentle soap and water mixture and shave the area to remove all hair. Next, your skin will be cleaned with an antibacterial solution.  The artist will then apply a stencil cream to help the stencil properly adhere to the skin. Your design will then be placed, and you will have to wait about 10 minutes for the stencil to set. The tattoo will now begin. Once completed, your artist will bandage your tattoo and give you aftercare instructions.


Payment for the tattoo session must be made immediately after the session has been completed. The price of the tattoo does not include a tip for your artist, or extra bandaging.

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